Monroe Full Line Catalog


Key Features

Type Color

Desktop Print/Display



12 digit print/display, 24 digit calculating

Print Speed

5.0 lines per second Fluorescent, Large, Blue

Display Type/Color

Inking System

Black/Red Ribbon Cartridge or Spools IKT (Individual Keyswitch Technology), 10-key numeric pad, 00 and decimal point


Decimal Settings

+, F, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 6

Non-Add/Date Function

Yes, print entered reference number or date

Memory(s) Rounding Constants

(2) 4-Key Independent

Truncate, 5/4 Roundoff, Round Up

Yes, automatic


Yes, with %+ and %- capability Yes, with Tax+ and Tax- capability


Grand Total Item Count Back Space

Yes, Group and Grand Total

Yes, Intelligent item count, Automatic averaging Yes, changes the sign of an entered amount Yes, computes amount and % of change Yes, computes Cost, Sell and Margin Yes, entry followed by divide then equals Yes, changes the sign of an entered amount

Percent Change

Mark up

Square Root Change Sign

Dimensions L”xW”xH”

15.3” x 9.5” x 3.7”

Weight (lbs)

4.08 lbs


2 1/4” Single-Ply Paper Tape. We recommend using Monroe AR12225, a premium 20 lb. bond paper

Feel the Difference of a Velvet Key Touch & Incomparable Performance that Provides Editing & Reprint Capabilities. The Monroe UltimateX is Built within our Exclusive Enclosed Monroe Heavy-Duty Printing Calculator Body


Monroe M33X (Ribbon Cartridge) or Monroe P65 (Ribbon Spool)

Additional Key Functions

Enclosed Paper Roll, Spare Supplies Storage Areas, Indicator Lamps (for the adding machine and grand total registers), automatic Time/Date Stamp, Time Clock, Editing Capability (scroll up, down, insert, replace, reprint) Financial Capability (PV, FV, Rate, Term, Payment, Amortization), Currency Conversion (4 currencies + home), Tax (5 tax rates with increase, decrease or VAT), Crossfooting, Automatic Two Column Addition with combined totals. Much more.


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